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Free Justia Profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory

Activate your free Justia Connect membership and start connecting with high-value potential clients: people looking for a lawyer like you. With your claimed Justia Profile, you can also leverage other Justia products to further expand your visibility, including Justia Ask A Lawyer and Justia Annotations.

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Justia Daily Opinion Summaries

Stay in the know with our case law newsletters offering lawyers summaries of new and evolving jurisprudence. Daily summaries are available for the highest state courts and federal appellate courts. We also offer weekly practice area summaries of nationwide developments.

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Justia Legal Deals

Save on leading products and services specifically designed for the legal industry! From discounts on case management software to billing solutions, legal research, and more, Justia Connect members can start saving for free.

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As a Justia Connect member, you can take advantage of discounts on day-to-day services and entertainment from premier brands and leading companies that help you make the most of both your time in the office and at home.

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Legal Marketing Updates

Never miss the latest in legal marketing and technology with our free updates for Justia Connect members from the Justia Onward blog. When you sign up for Legal Marketing Updates, insights from our expert team of legal marketing professionals, engineers, and attorneys are delivered directly to your inbox!

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Justia Premium Placements

Upgrade your free Justia Profile and connect with more clients through featured placements on the Justia Lawyer Directory listing pages! The Justia Lawyer Directory is one of the most visited lawyer directories available online and Justia Premium Placements can increase your visibility up to 280x.

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Justia Elevate

Raise your law firm marketing to new heights. Reach more clients through search engine optimization, increase new client leads with a high-quality website, and become a leading legal voice with a professional lawyer blog.

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Justia Amplify

Take your legal marketing to the next level. Leverage Google Ads PPC with one of our two unique packages, Justia Amplify Advance and Justia Amplify Starter. With Justia Amplify Advance, you can also utilize Microsoft Advertising PPC, Google LSAs, and Facebook Remarketing to connect with clients.

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Free Justia Legal Resources

Justia’s mission is to make law and legal resources free for all. In addition to our marketing solutions, we provide free access to millions of documents online, including numerous legal documents, statutes, and subscriptions to case law summaries.

U.S. Case Law, Codes, & Regulations

Federal law is at your fingertips with Justia. Our database of legal resources includes free access (no login required) to opinions from U.S. federal courts, federal codes, regulations, and statutes!

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U.S. Case Law, Codes, & Regulations
State Case Law, Codes, & Regulations
State Case Law, Codes, & Regulations

Access state legal information with ease. The millions of pages of legal information offered by Justia include case law, codes, regulations, and statutes for each of the 50 U.S. states, including versions of the law from prior years.

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Justia Legal Guides

Learn the basics of a new area of law through our helpful Justia Legal Guides. These guides offer foundational information about numerous practice areas and include links to related resources that help lawyers get started on more in-depth research.

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Legal Guides

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